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Government Performance Management

Strategic Planning Agenda

Strategic Planning

$1495 / 2 Days / 16 CPE Credits

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Connect Strategic Planningand Organizational Results

  • Discover why traditional strategic planningprocesses often fall short of delivering results
  • Identify the characteristics and requirementsof successful strategic plans, planningprocesses and implementation
  • Receive updates on the latest governmentperformance mandates

Identify the Strategic Elements of Results Oriented Agencies

  • Establish clear linkages to provide a visible chain of evidence to current agency value
  • Measure the importance and relative impact of agency strategies
  • Clearly communicate agency priorities and goals to all stakeholders

Design and EvaluateStrategic Framework for enhanced Goal Achievement

  • Assess Stakeholder Involvement
  • Use a variety of environmental analysis techniques to analyze internal and external factors
  • Solicit stakeholder input for your strategic planning process
  • Identify all parties impacted by adopting new strategies and define a way to engage stakeholders

Develop Results-Oriented Outcomes to Understand Your Program’s Mission

  • Identify long-term goals
  • Align goals to mission and customer values• Measure the importance and relative impact of agency outcomes

Design Outcome-Focused Strategies

  • Develop results-oriented strategies and objectives to achieve outcomes
  • Identify effective, efficient strategies aligned to achieve outcomes
  • Create intermediate outcomes for tracking near-term progress.

Align Program Activities and Resources

  • Evaluate program activities based on strategic objectives
  • Allocate resources based on outcome goals
  • Eliminate barriers that must be overcome to achieve outcome goals

Implement and Manage Strategic Plans

  • Conduct an organizational readiness assessment to target barriers to change
  • Define role for and appoint an external performance advisory panel
  • Appoint initiative owners to keep strategic initiatives on track

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